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Weakened Immune System – The Signs To Watch Out For

Weakened Immune System

Weakened Immune System

At some time in our adult lives we will all have cause for concern as to whether or not we might develop a weakened immune system.

Our immune system plays a crucial part in helping to keep illnesses and infections under control.

Almost every day, we are exposed to different types of bugs, bacteria, germs and numerous pathogens from sources such as the environment, other people, or even our pets.

When our immune system is strengthened we are less likely to be infected by a bacteria or virus, or submit to some serious or chronic disease.

Because of unhealthy habits, poor lifestyle, and many external factors, there are situations where you could find your immune system compromised.

Circumstances such as smoking, drinking alcohol, a lack of sleep or even over-exercising are but a few factors that can weaken your immunity.

How can you recognise when you have a weakened immune system?

Here are a few of the common signs:

Always getting a cold

It’s generally quite normal to pick up a bit of a cold about two to three times a year, especially during the winter season.

In most of these circumstances your body will produce antibodies in about three or four days, and you can expect the cold to last for around a week to 10 days.

But, if you find that you tend to catch a cold frequently, and it persists, then that is telling you your immune system is struggling.

 Constantly feeling stressed

If you find you are under a lot of pressure either at work or at home, and this builds up into a feeling of being on an emotional rollercoaster, then you are likely to start to get a bit stressed out.

When you start to experience this feeling of stress, your body will then produce less white blood cells which are there to help protect the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders.

This can then cause bigger problems because the more often you are ill, the more stress your body is put under, so in effect the issue gets worse.

You get tired more often

 Another indication of a weakened immune system is the constant feeling of being tired.

The reason for this is down to your energy being diverted to help with essential maintenance and repairs.

So, if you feel as though you are getting enough sleep, but you’re still feeling more tired than you ought to be, you may want to look into factors that could be contributing towards a weakened immunity.

 Frequently getting an upset stomach

A lot of your immunity is based around your gut health, this is where millions of microbes live and help to fight off infections.

When your immune system is weakened or comprimised, you can begin to notice regular digestive problems.

These can involve issues such as recurrent upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation and gas.

 Rashes or blemishes on your skin

Your skin is your main physical defense system against outside elements, such as keeping bacteria and germs at bay.

When your immune system has been weakened, you can sometimes notice a rash that just will not easily go away.

You might possibly also experience itchy, dry and reddish skin, which could be signs of inflammation.

 You suffer from frequent infections

If you find that you are suffering from various infections throughout the year, the your immune system is more than likely weakened.

You could have issues like ear infections, urinary tract infections, chronic sinusitis  or gingivitis.

Some of these infections might require antibiotics, and if you find that you need them more than twice a year, that is a sign your body cannot fight infections on their own.

 Cuts and wounds take ages to  heal

Whenever you suffer from a cut or a wound, your immune system gets hard to work to repair the damage and the infected cells.

A small graze or cut may close quickly and heal in what seems no time at all.

But, if it feels like your wound is taking ages to heal, then your immune system is most likely not operating at it’s full capacity.

How to boost your immune system

Recognising the signs of a weakened immune system is vital, so that you can ensure you take the necessary steps to bring it back up to a healthy level again.

You have the option to take vitamin and mineral supplements to get the nutrients that your body may be lacking in, including prebiotics and probiotics.

These can help towards boosting your immune response.

However, prevention is always better than cure, and there are a number of steps you can take to keep your immune system healthy.

Getting adequate sleep: our body’s need rest time to repair on a cellular level, which happens when we are sleeping.

Not getting enough sleep can impact the production of white blood cells.

Regular exercise: exercise can strengthen the body and stimulate the release of endorphins, which in turn helps to reduce our stress levels.

Make an effort not to overdo it though, because too much exercise can actually weaken your immunity, for instance when the body needs more effort to repair muscles so it is not able to work on the immune system.

Eat a proper balanced diet: although you have the option to take supplements, the best way to get the vitamins and minerals that your body requires is by eating a healthy well balance diet.

Stick to whole foods and try to avoid sugary and processed foods and drinks.

Regular vaccinations: vaccines can assist in protecting you from various viruses and bacteria, which might otherwise be dangerous or worse.

Keeping your immune system healthy is essential to your well-being.

So try to be self aware and frequently check yourself for any signs of a weakened immune system.

Then deal with them as soon as they arise to stop the issue from getting out of hand.



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