Help Slow Your Aging to Combat Lifestyle Diseases

Slow Your Aging
Slow Your Aging


It is important to be on a healthy eating plan no matter what age you are, but it gets even more crucial the older you get.

It’s true that lifestyle diseases that come from bad diets and a lack of physical activity are eventually killing us.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 900,000 Americans die prematurely every year from lifestyle diseases, which include heart disease, stroke, and cancer and 20% to 40% of these deaths are preventable.

More often than not, it is the not so healthy lifestyle choices that dictate these conditions.

This problem also applies across most of the western world and is not just exclusive to America, but as of this current period I do not have the stats for the other regions.

The World Health Organization reports that lifestyle diseases account for a staggering 70% of all deaths, and that more than ever before diet and lack of physical activity is driving these numbers in both industrial regions and developing countries.

Getting older is an inevitable process; so let’s face it, it’s just gonna happen regardless of whatever you do.

That being said, there are some things that you can do which can slow down the process, in order to avoid some of the diseases that cause premature death.

So where’s the best place to start?

Simple answer, in the kitchen giving your body the best foods it needs to optimize your performance and health.

Consuming Antioxidants the Single Best Way to Slow Your Aging

If you have read my articles here on Epigen Nutrition about antioxidants, then good for you and you probably now have a good understanding of how they benefit us.

If not I will give you a general run through here, but you should make a note and go and read a bit more about them. Just have a look through the menus above to find more.

As we get older, it’s just about every day of our lives that we are being exposed to oxidative damage.

This is simply a fact of life.

Cells and DNA become worn out the longer they exist, and eventually they are unable to replicate to their full capacity.

That is basically the process of aging taking place.

Stress from everyday life just compounds the oxidative damage even more, and can quicken up the aging process, which is exactly what we would like to avoid.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Consuming Antioxidants

Prevents UV Damage from the Sun – damage from the sun can speed up aging of the skin and result in cell mutations.

Boost Heart Health – can keep cholesterol levels within a normal range, clear blood vessels and promote normal heart rhythm.

Strengthens The Immune System – you become less susceptible to illnesses that sap away health, as well as more resistant to various types of cancer.

Ok, we know some of the benefits, now where can these miraculous little antioxidants be found?

Luckily for us they are in abundance in a variety of veggies and fruits, so for the best health, and graceful aging, you need to consider adding more of these into your diet:


Berries are there among some of the fruits with highest antioxidant content, being able to positively boost health.

Try to get yourself some blueberries, strawberries or cranberries, failing that most other berries with give you an ample supply of what you need.


Cocoa has a few more functions than just making bars of chocolate, or a hot drink to take to bed with you on a cold winters night.

It is actually a health food as well.

Rich in polyphenols, one of which is epicatechin, cocoa has numerous benefits for your health, including potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ability.

Cocoa has a more superior antioxidant profile than green tea or even red wine.

Cruciferous Veggies

You have to get your regular fix of cruciferous vegetables.

They are extremely rich in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, and are known to help prevent cancer, improve blood lipid values and encourage the removal of waste from the body.

Coupled with the fact that they’re excellent free radical scavengers, cruciferous vegetables can and should be consumed daily.

Brightly Colored Fruits and Veggies

Think of carrots, bell peppers and citrus, all foods that contain high number of bioactive compounds.

In terms of carrots, they contain high levels of Beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A that has super potent antioxidant abilities.

Coupled with the high Vitamin C levels of bell peppers and citrus, these fruits and veggies provide a massive anti-aging powerhouse for those who consume them.

Tomatoes are also rich in lycopene, a rare antioxidant that is especially helpful to men’s health.

Antioxidants are one of your best chances of protection against the rigors of aging.

They help to safeguard heart health, eye, and skin along with fortifying your immune system.

Consuming a mix of both fruits and vegetables ensures you get the widest spectrum of phytonutrients available to prevent lifestyle diseases and maintain a healthy weight.

So if you are not including them in your regular diet, try adding a few as soon as possible, it’s never too late to start.


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