4 Dangers Related to Overdosing on Antioxidants

overdosing on antioxidants
overdosing on antioxidants


Antioxidants are very powerful substances that can help you combat aging, protect you against chronic diseases and even more.

But if you decide to overdo it and have excessive amounts of them, then the benefits can end up having a negative effect, and may also put your health at risk.

Let’s have a look at what the dangers could be if you have too much, and see what can be done to avoid that happening.

Increased Oxidative Damage

In order for you to get energy from the food that you eat, your body needs to use oxygen.

As a result, when the oxygen is used it produces harmful by-products that are known as free radicals.

Once let loose, these free radicals can damage your body’s cells and vital organs, contribute towards various chronic diseases and accelerate the aging process.

Antioxidants in turn neutralize free radicals and protect your body against the oxidative damage they cause.

However, if you overdose in some way on antioxidants, this benefit is lost.

The high quantities of antioxidants can actually have a negative effect and speed up the rate at which free radicals damage your body.

Blood Issues

Consuming excessive amounts of antioxidants can leave both your blood cells and blood vessels susceptible to damage.

This could result in a number of health complications which include high blood pressure, anemia and high blood glucose levels.

Over a longer period of time, these blood problems can contribute to more serious health issues including heart attack, organ failure and stroke.

Could Cause Organ Damage

An excess of certain antioxidants can end up damaging your vital organs.

Your body is only capable of processing a certain amount of these powerful nutrients effectively, and if you ingest too many then toxic levels can accumulate and begin to have a negative effect your vital organs.

As an example, numerous studies have shown that very high levels of vitamin A can have a damaging effect on the liver.

Other research has shown that excessive doses of other antioxidants can contribute towards heart failure.

In addition to this, the accelerated rate of oxidative damage caused by continued heavy antioxidant consumption can eventually lead to long term complications and problems of your vital organs.

Possible Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are basically long term health issues that can often have a significant impact on your body.

Some of the most common chronic diseases are known to include cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

While the jury is out and it is not exactly known what causes these problems, a lot of research has been carried out which has linked oxidative damage and organ damage with an increased risk of chronic disease.

Therefore, by consuming extra large amounts of antioxidants you’re probably at more risk of developing these unpleasant health disorders.

Additionally, taking high volumes of antioxidants can possibly aggravate existing chronic diseases and might increase the severity of the symptoms.

But Do Not Leave Antioxidants out of Your Diet

We have ascertained that taking an excessive amount of antioxidants can have a detrimental effect on your health.

This situation is very easily avoided, and can be accomplished by just leaving out taking any High Dosed Supplements and eating a well-balanced nutritious diet instead.

Some antioxidant supplements can be found to contain doses that are way above the necessary amounts that our bodies need, which in turn can cause the negative symptoms discussed above.

You can’t really go wrong by getting your antioxidants from the way nature intended, as natural food contains just the right amount of antioxidants to boost your health without putting your body at risk.


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