6 Ways Coffee Can Enhance Your Productivity

Energy and focus
Energy and focus


Ask just about any coffee drinker what they think the one major benefit is that they receive from having their morning cuppa before they start their day, and they will probably tell you it’s the energy boost.

A lot will even say they rely on it to help them cope with the day ahead.

But is it effective for that?

The initial answer is yes. Well at least for a period of time. But after that initial period, the coffee’s major energy boosting effects will become diminished, requiring the need to top up to achieve the same effect.

Regardless, coffee can be a potent pick me up at times when you need to push your productivity into overdrive.

Let’s see what other effects it has on us.

Coffee is Able to Block Our Relaxing Receptors

As our day continues throughout, our circadian rhythm dictates that it is time to slow down and starts initiating feelings of drowsiness and relaxation.

This is normal and is actually good for optimal health as it helps ensure we get enough sleep.

The way this occurs is due to the action of adenosine on its receptors, aptly named the adenosine receptors.

Caffeine and adenosine share structures that are very similar and both belong to a group of compounds known as xanthines.

So, because their structures are closely resembled, caffeine is able to “mimic” the shape of adenosine, and interact with its receptors effectively blocking adenosine from causing its relaxing effects.

So as a result, nerve impulses are transmitted faster instead of slowing down, at least up to the period that caffeine wears off and releases itself from the receptor.

Coffee Can Improve Your Physical Output

The caffeine that is found in coffee improves muscular contractions and blood flow, allowing for smoother neuro-muscular transitions and increased force of contraction.

This is great news for athletes who need that little bit of a competitive edge during training, or anyone involved in physical work for that matter, as it should help as a resistance to oncoming fatigue.

Coffee Can Enhance Your Motor Function

Motor function refers to the efficiency with which we are able to perform tasks with our limbs, such as performing repetitive tasks with your hands, such as on a keyboard, or doing data entry.

It is for this reason that coffee/ caffeine rules the roost when it comes to improving efficiency from doing repetitive tasks, but not necessarily tasks that require technical processing.

It Can Boost Your Mood

Here’s a quick silly question for you.

Do you find yourself to be at your most productive when stressed, depressed or anxious?

I’m guessing the answer is no, as emotional state plays an important role in your focus and even energy levels.

Consumption of coffee can raise brain chemicals that promote a sense of wellbeing, allowing you to perform in a state of emotional efficiency.

Coffee Increases Your Energy Levels

One of the effects of having coffee in the body is increasing the output of adrenalin from the adrenal glands.

Adrenalin keeps the body in a high energy state, to perform at higher intensities.

This is down to evaluation of the “fight or flight” reflex, which either makes the body able to handle challenges, or run from them.

It Could Increase Your Working Memory

Think of this as a computer’s RAM, which is the processing power your brain is capable of.

By increasing your working memory, you are less prone to be distracted and allow you to have a clean flow of energy to the brain.

Coffee can be especially useful when consumed before a task or activity that requires a high degree of focus or energy.

Just try to not get too reliant on coffee or drinking it just for the sake of doing it. This will lead to a tolerance, and could lead to a point where it will end up not doing anything for you.




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