Resveratrol and Anti-Aging Prevention



Whenever discussions are started regarding the subject of anti-aging prevention, chances are the word resveratrol is going to crop up in a lot of them.

Researchers claim that resveratrol, an antioxidant which is abundant in the skin of grapes, can be very helpful in prolonging the lifespan of our cells.

Their findings show that resveratrol compounds have a positive impact on cell longevity by acting on ‘sirtuins’ which are proteins found in the body’s cells.

Resveratrol and Sirtuins

Researchers at Harvard have labeled sirtuins as “the guardians of the cell” because it has been found that these enzymes can protect cells from damage so that premature cell death can be prevented.

As the number of scientific findings to do with the role of sirtuins in protecting the body against age-related illnesses increases, experts are also looking for ways as to how to keep the power of these sirtuins alive inside our bodies.

This is when the discovery of the benefits of resveratrol, found in grapes, began to gain importance.

Scientists discovered that the resveratrol compounds that were found in grapes helped to increase sirtuin activity.

With this improved sirtuin activity, the process of self-destruction of old cells slows down while letting the process of rejuvenation and improvement of DNA structure to occur.

Increased sirtuin activity together with the resveratrol intake also causes more protective antioxidants to be formed in the body.

As resveratrol helps increase the lifespan of cells, premature aging will also be prevented and overall vitality retained for a longer period.

Resveratrol and Lung Health

There are experts who are now using resveratrol in helping patients with pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

It helps to relieve the symptoms and speed up the healing process.

Dr. Irfan Rahman of the University of Rochester said that increased activity of the sirtuins made possible by resveratrol intake, allows the body to activate its immune-inflammatory system.

Once this system has been activated, the body has a better fighting chance against the onset, as well as the progression of lung damage.

Resveratrol and Heart Health

Another study has shown that the cells of elderly people responded positively to resveratrol even when they underwent stressful conditions.

Stress is a condition that can greatly accelerate the aging process.

It speeds up the production of free radicals which cause cell damage and even death.

Huge amounts of antioxidants are needed to handle the free radical load brought about by stress.

The researchers of the study suggested that resveratrol is very useful as an anti aging agent, particularly when dealing with stress.

The benefits of resveratrol grew in popularity when a number studies were conducted in order to find out why the French population was found to have a much lower rate of cardiovascular diseases than other societies.

Researchers believe that the French custom of drinking red wine with their meals provides them with a plentiful supply of resveratrol and gives them better protection against the development of any cardiovascular disease.

So because of all that research, people are enjoying drinking red wine with the belief and understanding that they may have a lowered risk of cardiac problems.

So drink to your health and enjoy the odd glass of anti-aging red wine.

But remember to have it in moderation, of course!

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