The Dangers of a Carbohydrate Overdose

Carbohydrate overdose


When we eat Carbohydrates in the right amounts that we are supposed to, they can have a number of positive effects on our health.

On the other hand, by overdoing it, and constantly eating too many carbs, these health benefits can find themselves being chucked out the window, and in effect giving you a carbohydrate overdose.

I’m going to discuss here, how eating too many carbohydrates can have a detrimental effect on your health, by highlighting the four main dangers caused by going over the top with your carbs.

They Can Increase Your Levels of Body Fat

By eating an optimal amount of carbs, you can give your body exactly what it needs to supply your current energy demands.

But, by over loading your plate and eating high levels of carbs, you’ll ingest more than your body is capable of using at that precise time.

If you do this your body won’t be able use these carbohydrates, so in turn they get stored as body fat which then leads to weight gain and a poor body composition.

Can Cause Organ and Cell Damage

After eating your carbohydrates, your body begins to break them down into glucose and release them into your bloodstream where they can then be used by your vital organs and cells for energy.

By eating your carbs in a healthy controlled way, means that a steady stream of glucose is constantly released into your blood.

On the other hand, tucking into large quantities of carbs causes your blood glucose levels to rapidly spike.

These spikes in blood glucose can damage your blood vessels, your vital organs and your cells.

Then over a period of time this can even lead to you developing high blood pressure, possible serious organ damage and maybe even much more.

Hunger Levels Will Go Up

When your blood glucose levels have one of those rapid spikes, your body reacts by releasing a large supply of insulin (a hormone that tells your body’s cells to take the glucose from the blood and start to use it for energy).

This in turn leads to a fairly rapid reduction in your blood glucose levels which then has a stimulating effect on your brain and instructs it to release hunger signals.

So in effect what this means is, if you overdose on your carbohydrates, you’ll actually feel a lot hungrier more often, even though you are eating greater amounts.

You’ll Have Disrupted Energy Levels

Another adverse side effect of the sudden spike and crash in blood glucose levels caused by eating too many carbs is that it can have a disruptive effect on your energy levels.

When your blood glucose levels go up, you’ll feel like you’ve got tons of energy then all of a sudden as the insulin gets released and your blood glucose levels start to drop, your energy levels will fade away very quickly.

This constant fluctuation of energy levels makes it extremely hard to function during the day and may lead to reductions in your concentration and poor performance levels, which depending on what you are doing could lead to having an accident.

So What Should We Do?

I hope you realize why you shouldn’t be binging on carbs.

Try to make sure that your overall carbohydrate consumption is no more than 60% of your total daily calories.

Plus eat an amount of calories that is in line with your basal metabolic rate (you can check your recommended calorie intake using this BMI calculator), then the carbohydrate overdose symptoms I have spoken about should never be an issue for you.


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