When you discover that you have type 2 diabetes or even prediabetes for that matter, you may not be aware that these are health conditions which are related to elevated blood sugar levels.

So in effect, if you eat foods that have a lower than average level of sugar, you have a better chance of reversing your diabetes situation. Therefore you need to be aware of the best foods to eat for type 2 diabetics.

I must emphasize here, that there are also other foods you need to avoid as well apart from the sugar ones that can make your diabetes worse.

So let’s get some of them out of the way.

Type 2 diabetes foods to avoid

Type 2 Diabetes Foods You Need to Avoid

Steer clear of any foods with lots of sodium; these will just blow your blood pressure readings up to silly levels.

These can include what you might think as healthy, such as canned or jarred vegetables, sauerkraut or pickles, but they are usually soaked in salt. So read the labels.

Avoid these:

Most Deli meats, such as bacon, hot dogs or basically any processed meat.

Refined white flour or any processed grains such as white rice.

Cut down on saturated fats.

Cut out or right down on the booze.

Cereals with the whole grain removed.

French fries or any fried potato.

Dairy products containing high amounts of fat.

Sugary or fatty snacks like biscuits, cakes, pastries or crisps.

​If you have been binging on these types of foods for a long time it is going to be hard to totally give up in one go.

The cravings can be tough to start with.

If you can cut them out successfully from the start, then great and you will be all the better for it.

But if you can’t, don’t give up, try to wean yourself off gradually, by leaving some off the shopping list, then cutting them out a few at a time.

Remember this stuff is damaging your health, and it’s only you that can do something about it.

Right let’s look at some of the good stuff.

Best Foods to Eat For Type 2 Diabetics

Ok, so I mentioned some of the foods that can have a detrimental effect on your diabetes problem.

Well at the other end of the scale, there are some foods that are not only very good for us in relation to keeping us healthier, but they could also help in reversing type 2 diabetes.

This list of what are referred to as superfoods, can help to lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, assist with weight loss, and provide other health benefits which I will cover in future articles.


Dark chocolate, with no added sugar

Steel cut oats, such as oatmeal


Oranges and other citrus (eat the whole fruit, not just drink the juice)


Extra-virgin olive oil

Cannellini beans

Sweet potatoes

Nuts and seeds






Collard greens and kale

Barley, lentils, and whole grains

Wild-caught fish

Get Rid of All the Rubbish

Going over that list, you don't come across any drive through deep fried foods, burgers, pizzas or sugar stuffed baked goods like doughnuts, pies, cakes or pastries do you?

So in general terms, if you stay clear of refined sugar, white flour and salt, straight away you will be eating a lot of the foods which are recommended for people with type 2 diabetes.

Foods which are high in dietary fiber and complex carbs are great, foods with little to no nutritional value and simple carbohydrates are bad for diabetics.

Simple carbohydrates can give you what is referred to as a sugar spike, which is basically an overload of blood glucose hitting your system.

If this happens on a regular basis, you increase your chances of developing prediabetes, or worse full type 2 diabetes.

Good foods for Type 2 diabetes

Bring in the Good Food

Not all starchy food is good for you to eat, but there are some and they include,

a baked sweet potato, whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, millet or amaranth.

You should load up on the fresh veg, especially leafy greens such as kale, romaine lettuce and Napa cabbage.

When you tuck into these, you get very low calories and low levels of carbohydrates, virtually no salt or fat, and there’s loads of filling dietary fiber, as found in most vegetables.

Fresh, organic vegetables are good to eat raw, but if that’s not your thing, you can also lightly steam, grill or roast them.

Frozen vegetables are a good option to have on hand, as long as they haven’t been frozen in any high sodium or sugary solution.

When buying your vegetables, go for the rainbow.

A diet of red, orange, dark green, white and even purple vegetables (eggplant for example) provides a good range of health benefits.

Fresh or frozen fruit, salmon caught in the wild, lean cuts of organic poultry, some organic dairy products (lactose is fairly high in sugar), beans, nuts and seeds, organic eggs are also approved for diabetics.

Try not to have whole milk and regular full fat yogurt, instead go for the low fat stuff (with no extra sugar added) and maybe almond or coconut milk.

Green tea, black or white tea, coffee without sugar, coconut water and filtered water are all good beverages to drink.

If you don’t do it already, then by adding some regular physical activity and changing what you eat and drink, you can develop the habits to effectively treat, and possibly reverse your type 2 diabetes.

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